Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gallivanting about

DH and I went for a drive up the Valley yesterday. It was a beautiful day, not hot but not cold either. This trip was just for something to do, no specific reason. We took our cameras just in case something popped up that was photo worth. I think it's a good thing we had them since I got a few good shots.

Taken along the highway.

Beaver dam

Hidden cove

I shot my first panorama with my new camera too, but I won't post that here. I'll load it to my photobucket account if anyone wants to see it.

We stopped into a Frenchy's up the Valley and picked up a couple Patriots shirts. Gotta love the Pats. =)

Then we saw a cute little Farmers Market. Of course we had to stop in, since it shared our name. lol We did forget to take a picture though. We ended up buying a pie pumpkin, a buttercup squash, a butternut squash, a bag of baby potatoes, a bag of baby onions, a couple honey crisp apples, a couple flemish beauty pears and a small cantaloupe. I pretty good haul for less than $15 total.

We travelled Route 1 and found a field with some cows, a couple donkeys and a pony. You know what we did, don't you? We took pictures.

Dark brown calf

Fenced in calf

I'm not sure how long he was standing that way before we got there, but he stood there nearly the whole time were taking pictures.

Pony after my fingers

I had finished an apple not too long before this and the pony could smell the apple juice on my fingers. She kept trying to pull my fingers into her mouth. lol

DH was taking a picture of a couple of the cows and for once wasn't paying attention to activity in the background. Let's just say that DH got a picture of two cows in a "compromising situation". I won't post it here. I haven't even seen it, not sure I want to see it.

As to stitching, I didn't get any done yesterday. I probably won't get any stitching done today either but I do have the beginnings of a stitching stand.

Before conversion

I believe it's a tole painting stand. We bought it at a yard sale for a $1.00. Hopefully the clamps I want to add won't cost the arm and leg I saved.