Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am stitching, honest.

I've finished the square for Debbi's RR. I'll sign it tonight and it will be ready for mailing on the 26th.

Easter Lily

I'm almost finished My Needle and My Floss. When she's done, I'll post for her next destination and share a pic. I just have to stitch the white and do the back stitching and she'll be done, should be this weekend.

I started my biscornu for the Basket of Biscornu challenge. I was stitching a celtic knot. I figured the best way to stitch the knot was to follow all the way around the know with the first row of stitches, there are 4 rows in 2 colours. I got 1/8 of the way around the 2nd row and discovered a miscount from the 1st row. I'm currently looking for a smaller, easier pattern to stitch for my first biscornu.

Start and end of Celtic Knot Biscornu

I've picked my square for Round 11 on Fair & Square. I'll change the blues in the pattern to purples since my partner's favourite colour is purple.

Then I've just got to decide on which snowflake I love the best to stitch for the Winter Round. There are so many to choose from. I also feel the need to add some blending filiment to make it sparkle. hee

I've picked up a kit of 3 frog that DH really loves so I'll stitch that for him, but I'll use the pattern of one of the frogs for the next square of the Open Theme RR since Rebekah's RR is all frogs. hee They are so cute.

The source for "Let it Snow" that I stitched for Jenn F is from the Seasons Motif Library in "Quick & Clever Cross Stitch" by Helen Philipps. She's had some inquiries about the square which I think she did a wonderful job finishing into an ornament. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the squares she sent me finished into an ornament. At least that's the plan, along with finishing Sisterhood.

Fair & Square Christmas Round 2008 to Jenn F.

Fair & Square Christmas Round 2008 from Jenn F.

I think this coming Wednesday is going to be spent organizing all my WIP. Finding the working copies, the fabbies and seeing what I'm now missing for flossies. I don't have even half of a full set of DMC so I have to pilfer from one project to the next except for a couple projects that were given to me fully kitted up. When someone spends their own money on supplies for a project then those supplies will first be used to finish that project.

Well, lunch is over, time to get back to work. I've still got the whole afternoon left to convince people to come in and pay out their overdue loans. It's not easy on a slow, cold day like today.


Jennifer said...

Celtic knots can be hard to follow! Check out the freebies Emily has offered up on The Floss Box. I used two of her snowflake patterns and a varigated DMC thread to stitch up my first biscornu.