Monday, September 29, 2008

Coconut disaster

Last night was Fellowship Night at the Church. My plan was to bring a couple games, a bag of chips, and a plate of coconut macaroons. I'm sure you've guessed by the title that the macaroons didn't go as planned. *sigh*

This is the not so bad looking pic. Don't you just love coconut?

I was having fun too. Well, my hand started to get a little sore from holding the small tbsp for so long but otherwise it was fun. I finished the first tray and slid it into the oven and started on the second tray. I'm continuing on my merry way until the timer sounded. Happy as a clam I went over to the stove to take the first tray out and put the second tray in. THIS is what I pulled out.

I nearly cried. There was no way I could take these over to the Church and present them to people. So they stayed home. Of course I had to at least try one. They're still edible just not pretty. I only had a couple. But when I got home last night there were more missing.

Evidence of a coconut thief

So I'm not the only one who things they're edible. Next time I make them I'll use two whole bags of coconut not just the amount the recipe calls for.

Today I'll make butter tarts. At least I know I won't screw those up. And supper was easy, Crock Pot Chicken, Gravy & Stuffing. This is a new recipe, so I hope it turns out good. I'll let you know.