Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new try.

I'm going to try this again. I'm hoping that with some of the things going on in my life, I'll be more inclined to blog.

What's going on? I'll tell you, although some of it is probably a little boring.

Back at the end of April the store I worked at closed. Since then, the whole company has gone bankrupt. I found myself without a job for the first summer since 1994.

So DH and I planted a flower garden and a veggie garden. DH cleared the beds and I did all the planting. After the planting was done DH took care of the veggie garden and I took care of the flower garden. Guess which garden looked better? ;) You guessed it, DH's veggie garden.

We had a great harvest of cucumbers and onions. The peas were good too, just not enough of them. We're STILL waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and the peppers to grow. A raccoon made off with my radishes and the carrots and lettuces never grew.

We made three types of pickles. Mustard, sweet mixed and bread & butter pickles. But I think next year we'll try a different variety of cucumber.

Next year we're going to expand the veggie garden and add some corn to the mix. I've just got to remember to plunk everything in the ground by mid May. If my neighbour can get away with planting that early, why can't we?

By now you're wondering what I'm doing about employment. I'm looking for work that's not going to take me away from DH for too much time but still provide an income.

I'm also trying to start a home-based business. As a hobby I've been making bead jewelry for over 15 years and soap & bath salts for over 10 years. Add DH's photography into the mix with a little teddy bear making and cross stitch design and we'll hopefully have a business. I'm working on getting some funding to get us over the first year hurdle so wish us luck.

I guess that's enough for now. I'll have some pictures of Games Night at the Digby Wesleyan Church to show you on Monday.